Trafomec Group is a leading producer of transformers, reactors and electromagnetic assemblies for a wide range of industrial applications, such as power supply systems, power transmission or power conversion. Following our main clients in their new reference markets, we acquired and established subsidiaries and production facilities worldwide, in particular in Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Malaysia, Brazil, China and India.

In 2013, our presence in Poland consisted of a production plant in Cracow as well as two subsidiaries of our Swiss and Italian company. In planning a restructuring of our Polish facilities we decided to commence cooperation with QBilans in order to receive complex support for regulatory and tax issues as well as payrolls, audits and other operating matters. After two years of very intensive cooperation, QBilans has proved to be a reliable and competent partner that supports us in everyday business as well as emergency situations, ensuring compliance with Polish business and tax regulations. They support us in accountancy, HR and payroll matters, reporting to the tax administration, National Bank of Poland, General Statistics Office and other official authorities. We can also rely on them in contacts with local suppliers and in other issues that require knowledge of local relations and language.

We are very glad to cooperate with a partner that makes our business in Poland so much more easy and profitable.

Maurizio Petullà – Executive Director of Trafomec Europe SA | www.trafomec.com

In 2008, I decided to outsource the accounting of KRN Media sp. z o.o. to QBilans. We are the publisher of a few websites and newspapers, among them a bi-weekly widely known in Malopolska called “Krakowski Rynek Nieruchomości”. In the course of our cooperation, QBilans has proved to be able to manage the manifold, frequently complex accounting issues that occur in the real estate and publisher branch. As CEO of the company, I appreciate their professionalism and profound knowledge of accounting that has helped us so many times find an optimal solution for the issues that have emerged and simultaneously minimize tax risks. Additionally, the QBilans is distinguished by its easy and friendly approach. I’m very happy about our cooperation and recommend highly their services to each entrepreneur.
Krzysztof Janowski – Executive Director of KRN Media sp. z o.o. | www.krn.pl

We are a professional supplier of ventilating and air conditioning devices and appreciate greatly their profound accounting knowledge in the area of merchandise trading and stock management. Besides that, we require comprehensive payroll service, including support in preparing employment documentation, PFRON reporting, and others. The possibility to indicate QBilans as a representative of our company during a ZUS audit was also a big help. We especially enjoy the dedicated accountant that QBilans assigned to our company so that an effective flow of information and documents is assured.
Wacław Dymek – Executive Director of Amster Global sp. z o.o.| www.amster.pl